The Inside View on the Cost of Security Guards in Houston

Working with a quality security company can help keep your building safe and prevent threats from impacting your firm. But it’s important for your organization to budget for employing security guards in Houston. And so, within this latest post, we’ll explain more on the costs of employing security guards.

Small Per Hour Fee

Depending on the type of security guard you hire for your firm, you may pay as little as $12 per hour for security. Those who are unarmed are paid between $12 and $15 per hour. While armed guards are paid a little more as a result of their special skills, and receive about $18 to $25 per hour.

Insurance Costs

An important consideration to make before hiring security guards in Houston is the total insurance costs. It could cost more to employ armed guards as a result of the additional insurance the company might require.

Insurance companies can offer protection against fire arms issues, but the additional cost may limit the company’s financial flexibility.

What Should be Included

It’s important when assessing the full costs of employing security teams for your building in Houston to analyze the included elements for the service. The following are required elements as part of a security guard service:

  • Background checks

Each security guard employed by the company should go through a background check to confirm their professionalism.

  • Uniforms

The security teams should be provided with uniforms so that those inside and outside the building can recognize their presence.

  • Activity reports

The guards employed by the company should submit their activity reports directly. This will help to showcase their value. You’ll be able to review the activity reports and determine the extent of any incidents that occurred during their shift.

  • Equipment

Security guards employed by trusted companies in Houston should be provided with high quality equipment such as pepper spray, fire arms and communication devices.

The cost of employing a security guard for your building is little compared to the potential cost of an incident occurring on your property. Make sure that the company you select provides full information on their service and the value provided for your investment. To learn more on this important topic, contact us today.