Unarmed Guards

Choose Experienced Unarmed Guards from Professional Guard & Patrol

A Professional Guard & Patrol will provide your business with uniformed, trained, experienced security officers on a temporary, short-notice, or contract basis.  All PGP security officers are required to adhere to our strict standards concerning diligence to duty, pride in appearance, reliability, courtesy, knowledge of their specific post duties, and are closely supervised to see that those goals are maintained.  All security officers are screened and placed only on those posts for which they are qualified.

Here’s why you should hire a PGP unarmed security guard today:

  • Threat Mitigation

Our unarmed guards are trained to avoid conflict and minimize all potential security threats.  Each officer has passed all state-mandated licensing requirements, as well as PGP’s in-house security training components, which allows them to identify potential problems, communicate them to the appropriate point of contact or authority, and work to minimize damage, theft, loss, or unsafe situations.  Each officer is constantly in communication with our 24-hour dispatchers and supervisors via GPS-enabled communications devices.

  • Expert Communication

Our team is trained to communicate in a professional, courteous manner with all visitors and employees. We work with our team around the clock to ensure they make effective choices while on your property; all officers have 24-hour access to GPS-enabled and radio communication with our dispatch office, an immediate on-duty supervisor, and our operations manager, so that they will never be left alone or unsupported while patrolling your business.

  • Officer Tracking

You will have the option of keeping an eye on your Professional Guard and Patrol security guard by tracking him or her in real time as they are completing their rounds on duty. Our GPS-based tour verification system ensures the guard’s movements are tracked so that any abnormality can be addressed and corrected in order to ensure that you obtain maximum value for your investment in high caliber security.

  • Swift Responses

The entire team at PGP is positioned to respond adeptly at a moment’s notice to any security challenge. We have a full team of unarmed officers at our disposal, ready to be dispatched to your facility today!

Secure your business by contacting the qualified security team at Professional Guard & Patrol. We are ready to respond to your urgent security requirements. We offer services in Houston, Texas and the following counties:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Galveston County
  • Brazoria County