Patrol Services

Professional Patrol Services for Texas Properties

As a more cost-effective alternative to hourly security guard service, PGP offers Patrol Service, which involves periodic inspections of your property by officers who are covering one of many different patrol routes throughout the Houston area.  These patrol officers will spot-check your property at various times throughout the day or night, and are available to perform customized tasks, such as opening/closing gates, checking doors, escorting employees to and from their cars, escorting unauthorized persons off your property, etc.  All of our patrol officers have exhibited the ability to exercise appropriate judgment when handling various emergencies and unusual situations.  They are all uniformed and drive distinctively-marked security vehicles.

Common places that typically take advantage of our patrol services include property management companies that do not require a full-time, onsite guard, residential neighborhoods, industrial facilities, warehouses, banks, pharmacies, shopping centers, entertainment venues, etc.

Here’s why companies turn to Professional Guard & Patrol for Patrol Service:

  • Minimal Response Times

When a security event occurs on your premises, you’ll need the guidance of a firm that offers quick response times as part of their service mandate.  That’s just one of the many benefits of turning to Professional Guard & Patrol.  Since we have patrol officers monitoring patrol routes throughout the Houston area, one of our patrol officers is always nearby.  And their training allows them to act responsibly, to respond quickly, and to de-escalate dangerous events so that security issues are resolved effectively without damage to property or harm to those on site.

  • Distinctly Marked Security Vehicles

Each PGP patrol officer drives a distinctly marked security vehicle with a security light bar on the roof and reflective decals on the side and rear, in order to maximize our officer’s visibility to potential threats on your property.

  • Custom Patrol Options

Professional Guard & Patrol recognizes that each client has unique security considerations. Our patrol service provides clients with the lower priced option of hiring short-term property inspections, performed periodically and/or randomly, rather than a full-time, hourly guard.  This provides you a visible security presence during the day or night, and a well-trained officer that can respond to unexpected issues such as alarms, broken windows & doors, trespassers on your property, suspicious vehicles, etc.  Our officers are available to perform any number of site-specific tasks, such as opening and closing gates at appointed times, escorting employees to and from their cars, performing vehicle escorts for transport trucks, and more.

  • Trained and Experienced Staff

Our PGP patrol corps consists of officers that have been thoroughly trained and vetted during their time with our company.  Almost all of them are fully-licensed armed officers, who have undergone additional security training in order to earn a place in our coveted patrol fleet.  All of our patrol officers are consistently background checked, drug tested, and their driving records are monitored, to ensure that PGP dispatches only the most capable and safest officers to your property.

Our team at Professional Guard & Patrol has been a trusted specialist for patrol services for over 30 years. To begin reviewing your service options, contact us today. We operate patrol routes throughout the following areas:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Galveston County
  • Brazoria County