Armed Guards

Trust Qualified Armed Guards from Professional Guard & Patrol

In addition to our unarmed security guards, PGP can provide your business with armed guards.  Our armed officers are fully licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety to carry weapons while on duty.  Each of our officers undergoes thorough background checks, a drug test (with random, periodic follow-up tests), enrollment and completion of all state required classroom and training requirements, and are continuously monitored and trained while working for PGP, to ensure that they are the most qualified armed security officers in the industry.

Your PGP armed security guard may be the best solution for these reasons:

  • Safe and Experienced Weapon Handling

Each of our armed guards goes through extensive training to ensure they are adept at handling and using their weapons. Our teams are trained in accordance with the latest state and federal regulations to keep safety as the number one priority. Your people and property are of the utmost importance to PGP.  Our training helps prevent the misuse of weapons and ensures that qualified Professional Guard & Patrol armed guards can be trusted to act effectively and responsibly around the clock to protect your business.

  • Extensive Background Checks

Our employees go through some of the most extensive background checks within the industry today. We deploy criminal checks as well as checks on military records to look for dishonorable discharges or previous arrests on each prospective employee’s record. Only the best, brightest, and most reliable officers will find employment as a PGP armed guard.

  • Expert security planning

We work with you directly to make sure that you’ll have the ideal security strategy for your property and assets.  Some job sites and situations will require a more thoroughly trained, armed officer in place of an unarmed officer.  Our organization has a management team with decades of experience in the security field and we can help you plan for those situations, to provide you with the precise solution to your specific security needs.

Professional Guard & Patrol is your specialist for qualified, armed guard service. To discover more about our company and why you should choose PGP, book a consultation with our team now. We serve clients in Houston, Texas and the following counties:

Harris County

  • Fort Bend County
  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Galveston County
  • Brazoria County