Unarmed Guards

Choose Experienced Unarmed Guards from Professional Guard & Patrol

A role within the security field requires that the specialist has a clear understanding on security protocols, an ability to sense dangerous events, and the skill to respond adeptly. Here at Professional Guard & Patrol, we work only with those that have many years’ experience as guards for businesses. Our unarmed guards are the best in their industry when it comes to identifying security threats and responding decisively to protect the client’s organization. Our guards keep businesses safe with their ability to resolve conflicts and to maintain comprehensive reporting on on-site conditions.

Here’s why clients choose our unarmed guards:

  • Expert communication

Our team is trained to communicate expertly with all visitors and employees. We work with our team around the clock to ensure they make effective choices within their security work and maintain a professional demeanor that highlights their poise and understanding as part of the security officer position.

  • Threat mitigation

Our unarmed guards are trained in threat mitigation and conflict de-escalation. They work with the most respected security training teams across the country to ensure they have a full understanding on the threat mitigation process. This also means they can identify the potential for a threat to arise on-site and can thereby respond quickly when required. This helps save businesses thousands of dollars per year.

  • Technical expertise

Each trained Professional Guard & Patrol security professional is equipped with the latest in GPS technology to track threats and report their location to law enforcement officials. This process helps to further protect clients against challenges within their building and ensures that any threats faced are removed in the earliest possible timeframe.

  • Officer tracking

Clients can also ensure optimal performance from their Professional Guard & Patrol security guard by tracking the guard as they complete their rounds on duty. The GPS-based tour verification system ensures the guard’s movements are tracked so that any abnormality can be addressed and to ensure that clients achieve full value for their investment in high caliber security.

  • Swift responses

The entire team at PGP is positioned to respond adeptly at a moment’s notice to a security challenge. We have a full team of unarmed officers at our disposal ready to be dispatched to the client’s facility.

Secure your business by contacting the qualified security team at Professional Guard & Patrol. Our trained team is ready to respond to your urgent security requirements. We offer services in Houston, Texas and the following counties:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Galveston County
  • Brazoria County