Immediate response

Get an Immediate Response to Security Incidents

When a security incident occurs within their property, home and business owners require quick access to security professionals. The team here at Professional Guard & Patrol, Inc. are experts in the security marketplace. We employ only the most qualified professionals within our team, and we now offer the industry’s leading immediate response service. Through our service, property owners can simply call Professional Guard & Patrol, Inc. directly to have a qualified security professional immediately dispatched to their property.

Clients turn to Professional Guard & Patrol  for:

  • Immediate responses from qualified security professionals

Our immediate response team can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. Each of our team members has decades of experience within the industry and has a clear understanding of the security challenges facing home and business owners. Our experience means we can arrive at the property and immediately assess the threat levels to assure the ideal response.

  • Tracking of all vehicles

Professional Guard & Patrol, Inc.’s patrol vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems that can analyze vehicle movement and determine the vehicle’s location. Once the vehicle’s location has been determined, the closest available vehicle in the area is then sent to the client’s property. With many vehicles on the road throughout the day, this ensures that there’s always a trained security professional ready to be dispatched. It’s how Professional Guard & Patrol, Inc. has become known for having the shortest response times within the local marketplace.

  • 24/7 Operations Manager access

Our trained professionals have 24/7 access to their Operations Manager, ensuring that any security issues can be met with a trained team and a strategic response in a quick timeframe. The Operations Manager can help to make decisions regarding operational safety and threat levels during the course of the team’s response. They can also coordinate with law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of team members, clients, and those within the local area.

  • Both armed and unarmed response teams

Depending on the urgency of the challenge our clients face, we offer both unarmed and armed response teams as part of our immediate response service. Both teams are trained to expertly assess the threat levels within the environment and to de-escalate with any assailants they encounter. Our teams also go through extensive background checks to determine their qualifications and their understanding of the latest federal security industry regulations.

Our team at Professional Guard & Patrol, Inc. is now offering an immediate response to all home and business security threats. To discover more on our company and our service, contact us today for a consultation. Call now at 877-448-4904 for immediate access to security assistance. We serve clients across Houston, Texas, and the following counties:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Waller County
  • Montgomery County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Galveston County
  • Brazoria County