Insight on the Guidance We Provide Our Security Guard Service Team in Houston, TX

It’s important that guards are trained effectively in order to offer a high-level service to their clientele. Working with a trusted security guard service company in Houston, TX can make all the difference in terms of the level of protection provided within the building. Within this post, we’ll explain how we train our security teams for success.

First, Wear Comfortable Shoes

Guards are unable to work effectively if they’re uncomfortable. They won’t be able to chase and apprehend a suspect if they are feeling pain in their feet. And so, it’s important that guards wear comfortable shoes at all times. Make sure that guards bring an extra pair of footwear in case they need to change on-shift.

Carry Defensive Gear

Defensive items such as bulletproof vest and tough clothing should be worn at all times when on the job. This can help to protect work teams against the latest threats, and ensure they’re able to take on their working duties.

Stand A Safe Distance Away During Conversations

When conversing with those entering the building, it’s important the security teams stand a safe distance away from the person. Oftentimes, a criminal can use their close proximity to the security guard as a way to physically overpower them.

Standing a safe distance away also allows security teams a way to visually inspect the person and ensure they’re not a threat.

Walk Wide Around Corners

Many security events require teams to walk wide around corners in the building to avoid running into people fleeing the area and to ensure that they spot a potential criminal before the assailant sees them.

Use Random Intervals

The patrol route should be changed regularly to ensure that criminals aren’t able to predict team movement. Keeping the routes random will help protect against a planned attack.

Stop and Look Around Periodically

One of the most important assets offered by security patrol teams is their ability to identify a threat before the threat impacts the building. Security guard service personnel at PGP in Houston, TX are trained to stop and observe their environment periodically to identify security challenges.

Our trusted team can help to keep your building safe and provide you with comprehensive guidance on your ongoing security requirements. To learn more on our company and the security guard service options available in Houston, TX, contact us today.