The 4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Houston Security Guard

Hiring a security guard for your building can be a challenging process. You have to learn more about the industry and the requirements for the role. But working with a specialist can help you to employ that ideal, qualified Houston security guard.

In this latest post, our trusted team explains more on the four questions to ask before hiring a Houston security guard.

  1. Do you have the License?

Having a license to carry out security work in the region is important in ensuring the company is qualified for the work. It’s important that if you’re hiring someone for a security position within your company, that you ask for their license and their background as part of the initial interview phase.

  1. What Kind of Training Does the Company Offer?

When hiring from a local company, you should consider the type of training they offer their guards. Do they train their guards to operate weapons? Do they provide their guards with fitness training?

Make sure that the training provided to their team members aligns with the requirements for your security position. This will help ensure you reduce your need to train staff members over the long-term.

  1. Do you Monitor Your Guards?

When working with a security company, it’s important you consider how they monitor their guards when the guard is on-shift. Do they keep radio communications with them? Is the guard able to communicate with other staff members if they encounter an issue? Another important consideration is monitoring guard performance.

How does the company keep track of the guard’s work quality? Try to learn more on the company’s monitoring and the value the monitoring might bring to your organization.

  1. Do You Offer Expertise?

In responding to your security needs, you often have unique requirements for company experts. Make sure the company you select can respond to your need for expertise and can provide you with experts in weapons use and surveillance, in addition to other security areas.

The team here at PGP is committed to providing a comprehensive solution to your building’s security requirements. To learn more on our company and our full suite of Houston security guard services, contact us today!